Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Scrotum Jock Itch Pictures Warts Or Something At Base Of Penis And Bumpy Peeling Rash All Over Shaft, Scrotum, And Inner Thighs?

Warts or something at base of penis and bumpy peeling rash all over shaft, scrotum, and inner thighs? - scrotum jock itch pictures

maybe 3 or 4 months, I noticed 3 small wart looking things on the base of my penis, no pus or blood or something like that. after I started shaving appeared, but honestly, I do not think they are ingrown hairs. which seem to have at the head of cauliflower, but I can say.

and one or two weeks, I got really itchy down there (I have always been, itching, but I wake up at night), and now I've noticed these strange spots are a little high and bare all on my penis, thighs and scrotum . not bleed or hurt, do not seem full of pus or anything, but it burns like hell and not leave.

My penis is AlmosIt looks like what you'd see if there shone a black light in a hotel bed.

I have no insurance or money to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases, but in fear that it may be herpes. HPV if I'm not so scared, but I still know what it is. I took a few blurry shots, but I do not know how / if I can download it here. If you have an idea of what these sounds?

Btw I've looked on Google Images and everything, and it seems nothing like herpes or HPV or Jock itch or eczema.

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